We are doing something a little different with their ASL programming. We are introducing a new workshop Toddler Sign and Play, a three day interactive play workshop using American Sign Language for toddlers between 18 months to 3 years.


In our Toddler Sign Language workshop, we will teach parents/caretakers and their hearing baby or toddler American Sign Language in an open, “kid-friendly” atmosphere.  Special emphasis is placed upon the appropriate use of signs and speech during play time.  The parents/ caretakers actively participate in the classes and learn the signs with their children. To facilitate the learning process for both parent and child, activities including structured play, pictures, songs & games which will be introduced with the signs. The goal is for the parents/caretakers to use the songs, games and activities to naturally introduce and reinforce the signs.

For more information or to register, go to our event page. Join us for three classes at the Brio Studio in Winchester,  August 25, 26, 27 – 10:30-11:30am (10:00 doors open and sign-in).

Ali SchmalenbergerA little something about the teachers, first Ali Schmalenberger. Ali has been teaching and tutoring in ASL for 3 years. She graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with her Bachelor’s in American Sign Language Interpretation in 2013. After graduating, she became a sign language teacher at Beverly High School and is now licensed to teach high school mathematics and sign language by the Massachusetts department of Education.

After falling in love with the classroom environment, she launched the soon-to-be non-profit called Learn Something. Learn Something is dedicated to connecting students and teachers of all ages while promoting the benefit of community education. Read more about Learn Something here.

As a young child, Play and fitness specialist,  Joanne Schmalenberger, always felt the need to keep the neighborhood kids active.  She would create games and carnival type back yard activities. She wanted everyone to have a good time while playing outside or inside if it was raining. The start of what would be her career. Joanne was never a fan of the gym classes in High school being mostly sport oriented. In 1979 after graduation Joanne was inspired to teach fun versions of fitness to make it fun. She started teaching for a local fitness club and Natick adult education. While attending The Art Institute of Boston Joanne created the first mobile children’s fitness business in 1982 called fun fitness on the run bringing fun fitness to day cares, nursery schools, after school programs.