On March 5th, we will be collaborating with the LABBB Educational Collaborative  in Burlington MA. The LABBB program helps students with special needs reach their full potential through high quality programs that integrate academic, social, recreational and vocational services and enable participation in the least restrictive environment.

By sharing its resources with multiple school districts and social service agencies, its programs maintain superior quality and reasonable costs to those it serves, by meeting or exceeding state standards, and achieving economies of scale. They are serving 60 cities and delivered the following  specialized services:

  • Physical Therapy
  •     Occupational Therapy
  •     Speech and Language Therapy
  •     Behavioral Therapy
  •     Counseling
  •     Work preparedness
  •     Transition services
  •     Reading Consultation
  •     Vocational Training
  •     Assistive Technology Consultation

We look forward to this great opportunity to work with LABBB!