On March 5th, Brio had the Collage Workshop with artist John Williams. He showed us his work, his portrait series, landscape series, and new collages from his visit to Cuba. He talked about his autism and how art has changed how he sees himself and the world.  “The world is for me a chaotic place. Thoughts and images swirl around endlessly in my head, making it hard to stay calm and focused. Art helps me live with autism by channeling my energy into creating new visions. I make order out of chaos by organizing many disparate elements into a unified and coherent image. I spend significant time researching my subjects to learn about them and their historical surroundings. By marrying my artistic vision with my passion for history, I seek to present a new perspective on history.”

We had a full workshop with participants of all ages and abilities from Winchester and beyond. Here is a video of the workshop with a special treat of talking with John in his studio. Enjoy!

Sponsored by the John and Mary Educational Foundation and the Winchester Cultural Council.