Learn the basics and have fun with hula hoop performing artist Laura Orcutt. Give the hoop a twirl and learn fun games that explore the movement of the hula. Hula hooping is an expressive art form that translates differently from person to person. There’s no wrong way to hula hoop, it’s just a fun way to dance, stay in shape and be creative. Laura has been a hula hooper for 4 1/2 years after seeing it for the first time while attending Umass Amherst.<br><br>
After graduation, Laura has continued to pursue her dream to open her own hula hooping and flow arts studio. Hula hooping is an art form that allows so much freedom, creativity, and expression that it has become her passion to share it with the world. Laura preforms regularly and holds workshops in the Boston and Providence areas. Aside from hula hooping, Laura enjoys animals, movies, nature, crafting and writing.
So don’t be shy….give it a spin!

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