A Halloween Treat. What is the story of The Pumpkin Patch at the Second Congregational Church? Where do the pumpkins come from? Where does the money get donated to? Find out more from this short video created with the help of Nupath interns at Brio Integrated Theatre and training by WinCAM, Winchester Local Access Station.

camera persons:
Brian Stokes, Sebastian Chronscinski, David Ritchie, Richard Rosenberger, Yan Xih Zhou, James Flrez, Margo Attaya, Christopher Durham.
Narration by Christopher Durham, Film Maker/Editor: Margo Attaya, Editing: Christopher Durham, Production Assistant: Aggie Durham, Music by Blue Dot Sessions “Surly Bonds” and DJ Spooky “Nocturne”
Thanks to Brio Integrated Theatre, WinCAM, The Pumpkin Patch, and NuPath