October can be a time of spooky fun. The interns decided to look locally for ghostly lore. Derek Sooley researched on the web to find the real life accounts of hauntings of Horn Pond in Woburn MA. The following week the interns from Friday afternoon went to Horn Pond to create the reenactments of the stories, Nick Stavre, Erin MacArthur and Will Macanucco acted in their scenes. Leila Ladd and Brio Intern ActorsSophie Farnhill filmed and directed the actors. The next week the voice over actors, Nick Stavre, Billy Glazier and Sara Hintlian read the posts of the hauntings. Brio Media instructor, Margo Attaya, edited all their work to finish the final version of the video “The Hauntings of Horn Pond“. It doesn’t have to be Halloween to hear the terrifying tales of Horn Pond’s apparitions. Whether you run, walk, or kayak around Horn Pond, you will see the pond in a new light.

This intern project was an early collaborative project teaching the interns how to work together, how to research, how to make a short film, directing, acting and how to do voice over. Hope you enjoy it.

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