June starts out with a bang from fireworks at Winchester Town Day on June 4th. We will have a booth again this year, arts and crafts and mask making for the kids.

June 7th is our premier of our movie “The Portal” with Burlington LABBB students. It is a heart-warming comedy/fantasy film about friendship and accepting the differences in ourselves and others. This is an ‘all abilities’ collaboration of high school students from surrounding towns, Nupath interns, and help from both BCAT and WinCAM.  A true multi-town production. Written by high school students Alexandra Sturm (Winchester) and Nick Stavre (Stoneham) and acted by the Burlington LABBB students. The soft premier will be on June 7th, starting 6:30am, showing at 7pm with presentations and awards. We are doing a Kickstarter to help us with all the work that needs to be done for its September Premiere. Don’t miss it!

June 25th, we have the West Virginia guest artist, Sandy Shaw doing a print-making workshop. 3 hour free workshop. Come away with a handmade design on  a t-shirt or paper.