Since late fall of 2019, or before Covid-19, Brio has been working on a group project : a fictional podcast series with our interns, staff and guest artists. It started as an idea, after watching the classic movie “Nightmare before Christmas’. We began by talking about the story and the characters. Then we started to build our own characters by describing what they like to do, music, hobbies, what they looked liked, where they lived, their hopes and their fears. From there we began our original podcast script “Save Erce”.

“Save Erce” is a fictional podcast series with a secret magical community living amongst the unmagical community and a stranger who comes to town with a mission of his own. The setting : a little town called Wincharm and it is three days before Halloween. The stranger, from another realm, hopes to stop an imminent danger to our own earth. This podcast series will hopefully delight you and make you think. It’s about friends, how we treat others, who we are, and finding the strength inside us.

On this production, we are looking outside to the community at large – the Metro Boston area- for voice actors or want-to be actors to join us in this series. We will be auditioning actors (we have an acting coach who will help) and will be recording as we go. We have a lot of exciting cool characters to play. The script is 75% finished but we would like to know who are actors are to fully adapt and finalized our ending this fall. Our production is fully integrated – all ages and all abilities – and we will work with the actors to ensure their optimum success with their characters. We hope to be working with other town media centers in the Boston area to help with recording the actors, in case of covid-19 spreading again or if actors can’t get to our home base in Winchester MA. We also will be rehearsing via Zoom.

Go to our special web page for the SAVE ERCE Podcast