February 4th evening at 7:30 at Burlington High School, with great anticipation, the curtains will rise for the Theater For All Production “Spectacularis” with the LABBB students.  Get set for an evening of fun and surprises.

Spectacularis is an original performance piece that was created by the students at the LABBB Collaborative. (link to LABBB) This piece came together through a series of improvisational workshops and was developed and choreographed into a full performance piece. Spetacularis will take place on February 4th at The Fogelberg Performing Arts Center at Burlington High School located at 123 Cambridge Road in Burlington. (link to event page)

This production would not have been possible without the tremendous support from the administration and staff  of Burlington High School and the LABBB Collaborative. We also want to thank the great team of students who helped with the technical part of our show.

We are happy to also have with us as guest artists Laura Orcutt, (http://www.lauraorc.com/) and Alice Heller (http://www.alicehellerdance.com/) along with Brio artists Adam Fahim, Irmina Jarminska and Catherine Ryden.

This show would not have been possible without our technical crew who came through rain or shine: Chris Durham, our creative adventurous cameraman, Aggie Jankowska, our fantastic talented production assistant and Margo Attaya, our graphic designer, editor and filmmaker.

Please come to the performance February 4th. More information at our event page.