The Brio Spotlight shines this week on another intern from NuPath, Richard Rosenberger.  Here is his bio in his own words:

“I am working at the Brio Theatre right now and I really enjoy working here. I like the Winchester Fire Department, because they like to fight fire and they are my hero. I also work as landscaping with friends and co-workers when I was at Nupath. I travel to places around Massachusetts, such as the State house and all the national historic sites. I like to go to places near train station because I like the sound of the train. I also visited the Winchester neighborhood like Library, Town hall and stores to post flyers and meet new friends. In the food side, I really like Chinese food, old country buffet and Cheeseburger. sports is also a part of my life, I am a hardcore Bruin, Patriots, Red Sox and Celtic fan. I like to live fullest every day, learn new stuffs and meet with new people.”