Save Erce

Save Erce

A fantastical podcast drama series about a dragon on a mission to save Erce (the earth) and a community in a small New England town of Wincharm with a secret of its own.

casting call

Looking for voice actors of all ages and abilities
to audition for upcoming podcast series.

We still have many great characters to choose from,  see below.
If you are a novice we will help you discover your character and make them shine.
We hope to have zoom rehearsals and maybe some live ones outside.


  • Coven Witches: (9 people 20-90)
  • Nick  (teenage boy- plays drums, band is the Wilted Flowers)
  • Wilting Flowers Band Members (3)


  • Brad: soccer dad- 35-40
    Jorge: barber 40+,
    John: coach 50+
    Brad’s Normal family

  • Jenny: Brad’s wife, 30s
  • Layla: daughter, 8-10 yrs
  • Noah: son, 6 yrs)

Black Cat: Nero, aloof, sarcastic, cat of head witch of town
Dexter & Draco: just like to have fun and scare people (it is Halloween!)

Other Realm Council:
Elven King Galrand : serious, concerned
Wizard Tovenaor: knowledgeable
Fairies: Mia & Galdi, irrevelant,  funny
ExuNut the Squirrel: they’re a runner, communicator of the realms

Lord Stagdazz: larger part, think otherworldly Jeff Goldblum
GeeZee: Lord Stagdazz right hand goblin
EEblix: shy, ferryman,
Sentry: Ermar

Magical Party Goers (12+)
all kinds of magical characters,
Shop Customers (2) at Halloween Store

Coffee Shop Owner
Cafe customer
Parents (3) and children (4)
Store Clerk (1)

Radio Callers & Guests:

  • Gabriel Chen: paranormal radio co-host- wants to know the truth, Asian,  age: 19-25
  • Peter MacDonald : call-in (southern voice) humorous role
  • Professor from Ivy League college
  • Ghost Hunters

This locally produced podcast series will debut this fall 2022 for Halloween. Our office is at the WinCAM building and we will use Covid-safe recording practices. If interested in auditioning, email us at and will send you a sample script for the character.

The story/script is a collaboration of Brio interns and staff, and production help from our partner, WinCAM.
This is an all abilities production.

mass cultural council

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Winchester Cultural Council,
a local agency which is supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.

save erce graphic

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