Ode to Dr. G

Ode to Dr. G

This was our combination Theater For All /fundraiser for 2012 at SpringStep in Medford, MA.

Our special guest artists were Anna Talpe singer (Vocal and musical composition) and Emi Inaba (Piano and musical composition).  Bill White and founder, Sahar Ahmed were Emcees for the show. James Maroney filmed the performance, Chris Durham provided technical service, and Margo Attaya provided graphics for poster, program, and through her webmaster skills.

The Theater For All: Ode to Dr. G honored a wonderful person and special donor of Brio Integrated Theater. At Brio, we want everyone to participate and have a voice. A series of improvisational workshops,  discussions, and practicing lead to the final show.

The show included:

A poem: Karen Boudreau
I wish: Emi Inaba A Journey: Leila Ladd and Anna Talpe
Unity: Peter Awerbuch and Amanda Chapin
Trust: Salwa Galal and Ben
A Dream: Leila Ladd Discovery: Vilma Barrios, Amanda Chapin, Salwa Galal, Chip Rollins
Joy: Peter Awerbuch, Vilma Barrios, Amanda Chapin, Salwa Galal, Leila Ladd, Ben, Emi Inaba, Chip Rollins, Anna Talpe, Bill White