At Brio, Witty is probably our best dressed intern and always wears a new hat every other week. He doesn’t talk, but he has played Ovoo the alien and a goblin in the SAVE ERCE podcast. Let’s learn more about the making of his film.

How many hats do you have?
25 hats and more to come! My favorites teams and more.

Do you have a favorite hat?

Yeah, I heard that the Celtics won the finals! Did you celebrate?
Yes, I watched it with my family. It’s been 16 years since they won!

I loved those photos in your film, where did they come?
All from my family, it was cool seeing all the old photos when I was a kid.

Who did the voice over for the film?
Jake Crafts did.

What will your next film be about?
I would like to learn animation and see what I can make.