Coming in April, we are performing the play “The Real Me” again with some new actors in two new theaters, one in Lowell and one in Somerville. We want to bring awareness, during Autism Awareness Month, about families with children that have a disability. Our intern, Erin MacArthur, will star in this original play by Joseph Sorrentino. We have two wonderful actors playing her parents, Wendy Feign and Timothy Leahy.

The Real Me is a dramatic one act play by Joseph Sorrentino that gives a rare glimpse into a family who has a child with a disability. You, as the interviewer, will hear of the multi-faceted journey of Nancy, a 24-year-old woman with a developmental disability, and her parents, Ann and Don. This compelling story derives from interviews of 8 families conducted by the playwright.

The play will be performed at The Luna Theater in Lowell April 1st, and at the Arts at the Armory Somerville April 5th.

The Luna Theater is a cool smaller theater in Mill No. 5 with comfy chairs. We will have a reception with a fun raffle  and Luna will serving wine, craft beer, candy and popcorn plus we will also have Koshari Mama catering the event. If you haven’t tried this Egyptian Street Food, vegetarian or none vegetarian love it.  The playwright and cast will be at the event for a talk-back session.
Buy tickets at Luna Theater.

At the Somerville theater, The Center for Arts at the Armory, we will perform in a larger theater closer to the Boston area. We will have a reception 6:30-7:30pm with a raffle and catering by Koshari Mama then we will be speaking then showing a short film by our Brio Interns.

Q&A session with playwright and cast after the show.

Eventbrite - The Real Me

Our Cast:
Wendy Feign plays Ann (the mother)
Timothy Leahy plays Don (the father)
Erin MacArthur (Brio Intern) plays Nancy (the daughter)

Directed by Sahar Ahmed
graphics, poster design and program by Margo Attaya