Troy is a intern at BRIO. He is 20 years old and his educational experience is L.A.B.B.B. Educational/Vocational Program, and the ICE program: Middlesex Community College. Let him tell you more about himself:

“Hello, I am Troy Barrett and I’m a web-banner designer /intern for BRIO Integrated Theatre. I started work for Brio (through Michelle Hirth of the Labbb Program) on September of 2015  because I wanted to use my creative skills . I now take courses in graphic design using Illustrator and Photoshop through the Middlesex ICE program and will gain skills that will further help my career into the graphic design field. I chose Graphic Design as a career path because I wanted to explore my creative boundaries. Brio gives me the freedom for creativity. These are the many reasons I started working for BRIO on Fridays  because I wanted to work and do something i love and get paid in return. I have done various works for BRIO including medieval-style shields and banners for different holidays and to promote different events that BRIO is doing or sponsoring.”

Here is a sample of his artwork: