For the One Minute or So Film Festival, Brio intern Patrick Levasseur thought about some of his favorite movies and “The Parent Trap” stood out above the rest. We all talked about the movie and watched it the following week. Please read on about how Patrick and his fellow interns came up with this short called “The Patrick Trap” in this interview.

What do you like about the movie  “The Parent Trap”?
It was about family and liked the whole idea that they didn’t know they had a twin.The story is that they meet, discover they’re twins and then they try to bring their parents back together again so they can be a family.

Is this your acting debut ?
Yes, and I had two parts – the two twins.  I was a little nervous about being in front of the camera. But it wasn’t too bad and I relaxed by the third take.

Did the other interns help?
Yes, they helped with the script and they were the crew for the sound and lights. Jake and Sebastian did the voice acting at the end of the film and Jake was my stand-in.

I loved how it really looked like you had a twin, how did you do that?
We watched a YouTube video about how they made that movie. Of course it was only one actress, Lindsay Lohan, and she played the little girl, Holly, from California who wore more casual clothes and she played the other twin, Annie, who was more proper, lived in England and had an English accent. They did a split screen effect, shooting each scene twice with a stand-in and then they replaced the stand-in with the twin in post-production editing. They also used the over-the-shoulder shot with the stand-in too.

So we did the same. I wore New England style clothes and for my twin I was a surfer dude with a different voice. Jake was my stand-in in. We shot the whole film at the WinCAM lobby and the Brio staff were able to do the split screen effect by editing in post-production.

Was it fun to make?
Yes it was! I realized I like acting and…. it would be cool to have a twin.

What will your next film be about?
Maybe the next one will be musical – I do like the movie “Grease”!