September brought new and old interns from Nupath, plus our staff member Sebastian. They started “The Wright-Locke Farm Short Film Project” which they will continue again in the spring. They are learning new skills on the computer to do research, as well as learning to use WinCAM’s video cameras and smart phone filmmaking. We met the goats, chickens, dogs, volunteers and staff plus filmed around the buildings, farm stand and fields. We even got to pick some of the last raspberries. 

Inspired after watching a Halloween film, they started on a fictional podcast of a most magical nature. Collaboration as a group is key to creating characters and writing the script. They also learn about cooking, music, and dancing as we evolve our story and characters. When we publish the podcast we will include recipes, dance, and music as extras to our listeners.

Beginning in 2020, they will learn about the acting, podcasting and sound mixing in the studio at WinCAM. Stay tuned!