We have started the fall season with NuPath Interns: David Ritchie, Brian Stokes, Richard Rosenberger, and Sebastian Chronscinski. They are helping us with general office tasks, community service projects and connections, plus they will be learning how to make videos. WinCAM, Winchester’s Public Access Station, is training them how to use video cameras, what is needed in location shooting and in the big studio.

After training, they will work on Brio’s first video project – a special A-B-C video using American Sign Language. It will be a fun video that will teach people how to sign the letters of the alphabet and things that start with that letter. We hope to include many of the great places and businesses in Winchester in the video.

NuPath has been a leader in human services for more than 40 years, providing a network of creative day services and residential options for people living with developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorders and acquired brain injury.