Our next intern in our series #myBrioStory is Troy Barrett who has been interning with us for the last 3 years. He is a talented young man who creates his own Anime characters. He is a prolific artist. He had done special graphics for Brio for our website, designed cards, and created a graphic for the magic school in the film “The Portal”. We asked him a few questions.

What is unique about Brio for you?
Troy: “Brio gave me the space I needed. I have learned to expand from hand drawing to venturing into digital software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.”

What project are you working on?
Troy: “My 2 year project of mine called “Carrotastrophie” starring Miki, which is my original character. This short animated film is about a hungry rabbit who steals a carrot from The Farmer’s Garden and loves that carrot.”

What have you learned by working on the project?
Troy: “I have learned how to take criticism from others and use their input to make my film better. I have also learned how to use the Adobe software to make my characters come alive through animation.”

One word that expresses what Brio is to you?
Troy:  “Opportunity”

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