Sophie Farnhill is one of interns at Brio. She is a sophmore at Winchester High School. She is always ready to learn new skills, collaborate with others, and bring a fresh new perspective to any project. We interviewed Sophie about her internship here….

What is unique about Brio to you?
Sophie: Brio is unique to me because it is the only organization that I have been in where I can focus on my interests and improve my abilities. Also, not only does it focus on your interests but Brio opens up opportunities to learn new skills that I might not have been exposed to otherwise.

What project are you working on?
Sophie: Currently, I am working on a music video where I have learned how to use different cameras, edit, and create a storyboard.

What are you learning by working on the project?
Sophie: In this project I am learning how to work as a team on a project: dividing responsibilities and brainstorming to find a consensus. Also I am learning how to use different types of video cameras and how to edit a video on the computer.

One word to describe Brio?
Sophie: Creative.

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