Sebastian is a paid part time staff member who used to be an intern. He is passionate, hard-working, likes to learn new things and loves people. He helps to do the research for many of our projects and is the go-to typist. He looks out for the interns, starts the day in the office writing on the team board the temperature and date and makes sure everyone checks in. We asked him a few questions…

Tell me about working as a staff member of Brio.
Sebastian: “I was an intern before and starting in the Fall of 2016, I became a part-time Brio staff member. I help around the office: doing the schedule each day, cleaning after the interns at the end of the day and putting the computers away and recycling. I am also learning to type better and trying out new computer skills.  I used to type with just one finger now I type with all 10, I even practice at home. Now I send email to my friends daily.”

What project are you working on that you are very excited about?
Sebastian:The project I am most excited about is the video about Sally Webster Inn in Rockport Massachusetts. They have asked Brio to do a promotional video for them. I did research about the Inn and the area using the web. I also did a preproduction interview with the owner to find out more about the Inn with a sound recorder then I transcribed it for the team. I will be assisting the director at the shoot and be part of the editing of the video. Stay Tuned!”

What new skills have you learned from your project?
Sebastian:I learn more about filmmaking. At Brio and WinCAM I have learned about operating a video camera, setting up a tripod, how important good lighting is, as well as sound. Also I have learn the importance of working with others. I hope to one day make my own film.”

One word about what Brio is to you:  “Independence.”

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