Erin graduated from the Burlington LABBB program June 2017. She works part time as an intern, before that she had a small part in the LABBB movie “The Portal”. She is very talented and loves to work hard and have fun. She puts everyone at ease. We are very fortunate to have her in our internship program. Here are a few question we asked…

What is unique about Brio?
Erin: “After ‘The Portal’ movie which I acted in, I wanted to be an intern at Brio. Brio is a good platform for people with disabilities to do creative pursuits.  Mine is acting, and it just so happened that Sahar had a part in a play for me.

What project are you working on?
Erin: “I am acting in an one act play called “The Real Me” by Joseph Sorrentino. He wrote the play by interviewing many families and encapsulated their stories. It is about a family : a mother, a father, and their 30 year old daughter who has a disability.  I am playing Nancy, the daughter. It is a very moving play. It will be shown locally in the late spring of 2018.”

What are learning from this project?
Erin: “I am learning how to pitch and project my voice. Also memorizing all the lines… it is a big part. I first learn the easier lines, and then the harder ones. Now that I have memorized my lines, I am rehearsing with others at Brio adding the acting part of it.”

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