Brio intern, Jake Crafts, presents his new short “The Traveling Man”, it’s about his trips around the world with his family. We asked him a few questions about the film:

What was your inspiration in making your movie?
I travel with my family during the year.  When it’s cold I like to go to tropical places and when its hot I like to go cold places. We fly to the nearest city then we take cruise ships to see what’s happening at each port.        

What do you like about cruise ships?
The ship is a destination in itself: you can do all kinds of things like mini golf  arcade games, corn hole, basket ball and swimming . I like the food, the shows and just being on on the ocean. 

Do your travel a lot?
Winters we go to  Florida and then to Mexico Belize, Puerto Rico and in the summers we go north to Alaska and Canada. I like just going to places with my family. It’s a time we get to relax and just be together.

What is your favorite place? 
Costa Maya because it’s nice there. I enjoyed swimming in the pool and having a great lunch.

What will your next film be about?
Well, I’ll be working on the documentary about making the SAVE ERCE podcast, but for my own project if I could anything I would like to learn about animation.