It’s been a long time since we have been in the Brio office. We are the Nupath interns: Sebastian, Wittey, Patrick and Jake. We really missed coming here! We stopped going after the end of March 2020 because of the Covid pandemic. It really changed everything. We didn’t go to Nupath either until later, until we were all vaccinated. Brio asked if we could meet remotely using zoom, Nupath set it up so we could meet from our homes and then at Nupath offices.

What is the SAVE ERCE podcast? We had been working on it since the end of 2019 into March 2020. It all started with a movie “The Nightmare before Christmas” around Halloween time. We talked about the movie, what we liked about it, the characters we liked, and what the story was about. Then we talked about story-telling in general and began making up our own story. That was the fun. We created characters by talking about them in a group, we asked questions about what the character liked, wore, what music they liked – their fears and what makes them happy. We researched our magical characters: like how vampires, werewolves, witches are shown in films, we cooked dishes that are in our story, even learn how to cha-cha, and researched music we could use.

When we were meeting remotely, we listened and decided on special effects sounds, background music, talked more about the story. We have over 70 pages now and are working on our acting parts in the podcast. We also listen to the auditions to help choose actors for the parts. The Friday group help with the story as well.

Besides working on the podcast, we have learning how to type better and We are learning to cook with Chef Sawsan. We have made pumpkin soup and brownies- we all like working in the kitchen at WinCAM.

Ps. Sebastian is working on his Aquaman 2 film review video – the upcoming one that will debut in 2022 and learning google docs to do his research.