I am Sophie, one of the interns at Brio. I have been involved in the process of creating a music video. I am creating this music video with another intern,  Leila. We both came up with the story together, based on the original song Perfect that she sang for Brio’s The Portal movie. The song is based on how individuals do not have to be perfect and should acknowledge their own unique qualities, not worrying about how society expects you to look like or act.

In the beginning of the process, we watched other music videos to get ideas. Then we started to create the storyboard for our video. Storyboards are the first step to video-making, we had to visualize each scene with simple drawings key frame by key frame, telling the story we want. The next step was to create the script with each character’s lines, descriptions, camera angles and movements. Now we are deciding on locations where we will shoot and people that will be in the video. I am looking forward to shooting the scenes soon and watching our final music video.