Derek is a new intern from EMARC in Burlington. He just started in September this year. He is a history buff who enjoys researching. He has many ideas and is a pretty talented guy. We are looking forward to working more with Derek. Here is what Derek had to say:

What is unique about Brio to you?
Derek: “They talked to me and asked me what I like to do. History was my favorite subject in high school. I like to find the real truth about events and famous people. Brio suggested to do a blog and share it with others on the web.”

What project are you working on?
Derek: “Well, I have 2 projects. They are both blogs that are about subjects I am interested in. The Real Woburn, MA blog is about the history of my hometown Woburn. It is about places in Woburn, people, unsolved mysteries, the water contamination. I do research, which I like to do, and use different sources, people, the web, library, and people from Woburn.”

“My TitleTown USA blog I write about my insights about local sports like the Boston Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins, and Patriots. College hockey is my favorite. Also I like to focus on high school to college to pro sports. I played football in high school, and later I coached at Arlington Catholic.”

What have you learned by working on the projects?
Derek: “I am learning more all about blogging and setting up a website in wordpress. It has made me a better writer because I am writing more.”

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