We, at Brio Integrated Theatre, are very excited about moving into our new office at the WinCAM Media Center on March 1st. We plan to broaden our internship program in the new space. Our interns are looking forward to creating shows, podcasts, videos and other creative projects. The added plus, of course, is will have access to the knowledgable and friendly staff and media equipment at WinCAM as members to help us pursue our goals. The office will be in the space where part of Frannie’s kitchen was. WinCAM is adding a large community space in the front, our own entrance will be on the side.

To promote the new move, we did a fun promotion short silent-film style about moving our office (maybe a bit too early) called Brio Moving Day .  The Friday Intern group studied silent films, wrote a script, made a storyboard and props, then acted and filmed outside of WinCAM with iPhone and Canon DSLR and finally learned how to edit the film to recreate that style. Hope you enjoy it!