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Brio awarded grant from the Winchester Cultural Council

We are delighted to receive a grant to help us on our journey to get our podcast SAVE ERCE ready on the web for this fall 2022. Thank you to......

Koshari Mama’s Benefit for Brio on May 21st

The restaurant Koshari Mama is having a benefit for us on Saturday May 21st evening 5-10pm. They will be serving their delicious Egyptian vegan street food with music, spirits, and......
+ 3 of our interns at the Winchester Common

The Magic & Splendor of Trees

In our SAVE ERCE podcast series, trees and nature are an important part of our story. The Brio interns, who come on Tuesdays from Nupath, have been learning about trees......

It’s nice to be back!

It’s been a long time since we have been in the Brio office. We are the Nupath interns: Sebastian, Wittey, Patrick and Jake. We really missed coming here! We stopped......

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Winchester’s En Ka Fair

This video is about the history of the En Ka Fair with Mabs Harris and her daughter, Kate Carpini remembering the fairs past, and Carrie Sue Baker and Ann Hibbard tell us what goes into making the present day fair happen. Brio interns Sebastion Chroscinski and Will Macannuco.
The En Ka Society is a volunteer organization comprised of more than 200 women in Winchester. En Ka annually provides thousands of “woman hours” to Winchester non-profit organizations. Each En Ka member supports the efforts of the En Ka Exchange, a clothing consignment store located at 1037 Main Street in Winchester, and the En Ka Fair.

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