Have you ever wanted to learn a new language? American Sign Language is a beautiful and expressive way to communicate.  This May through July, we will have both Beginner and Intermediate ASL classes with Larry and Ali. American Sign LanguageEvery Monday evening , we have the Beginner ASL Class with Larry at 6:15pm and at 7:15pm our Intermediate ASL Class with Ali. Larry will have fun ways to learn the alphabet, words and phrases. Ali will continue with building on your foundation, and increasing your vocabulary and phrasing.

All ages and abilities are welcomed to the classes. Maximum class of 12. We still have room for more students, so please join us. Beginners can try a class anytime during our course. Intermediates should try to start classes in the next three weeks. Classes are Free, we suggest $5/class donation to help support with our classes if you can afford it.

Classes are from May 13-July 22nd. Ali Schmalenberger is a state-certified ASL teacher and interpreter. She is involved in the local deaf community, always expanding her knowledge of the culture and language. Lawrence Simeone
 graduated University of Vermont in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. During his college, he took American Sign Language and has been in love with it since.