The restaurant Koshari Mama is having a benefit for us on Saturday May 21st evening 5-10pm. They will be serving their delicious Egyptian vegan street food with music, spirits, and dance. This special night Sabrina Mijares, belly dancer, will perform during the evening. Call for reservation: 617-229-9230.

Koshari Mama is a vegan Egyptian restaurant located at 585 Somerville Avenue Somerville MA.

Sabrina Mijares, began raks sharqi/belly dance at the age of fifteen, in the cultural hub of Miami, Florida, and has been studying and practicing the dance for 14 years. Her earthy, dynamic style is rooted in Egyptian belly dance and Persian dance. She has danced professionally with Al Amoura Dance Company in Gainesville, FL, MECA Dance Ensemble, and Belly2Abs Unveiled Troupe in Miami, FL. She has taught belly dance and choreography at the University of Florida, Miami Girls Rock Camp, and a multi-use art space known as ‘The Bridge.’