The kick off officially took place on Saturday June 13, 2015 at the Winchester Farmers Market with an original song  entitled “Side by Side” by songwriter and composer Marlene Fereshetian. The lyrics are intended to promote diversity, acceptance of differences, and emphasize working together. The song was sung live by local artist Ashley Tucker. Choreographer Sharon Shakur created with the “Lynchies” the steps to the original music of Side by Side. Her style of choreography, of getting input from the young dancers is empowering and fun for the students.

Side By Side, a program aimed at empowering kids to come together, was launched at the Lynch Elementary School in Winchester MA.  This program was sponsored by the Winchester Multicultural Network and Brio Integrated Theater.

Stay tuned for dates of the short film of “The Making of Side by Side” and discussion of the project at the Winchester Public Library.