It’s been a great year for Brio. We have expanded our outreach and the type of arts we share with others. We have been to places like Lynn, West Roxbury, Roslindale, Burlington and beyond. We have reached the young children of Lynn as we collaborated with REAL, worked with teens on the subject of commonality and working towards peace with Kids4Peace in their NH summer camp and in the Boston area, now working with the LABBB teens at Burlington High School on a ‘Theatre For All’ performance  called  “Spectacularis” that will be preformed in February, did a special workshop with a Wednesday’s Child with WBZ, and did workshops with elders at Margaret Shea Health Program, and taught the general population new skills with our ASL Signing Classes at the local Winchester Public Library.

Art workshops included: Mask making, Cooking/Creating and Eating it too, DJ workshops, Hula-hooping and Dance workshops, Painting and Photography workshops, West African Drumming and Bully Transformation workshops. We have collaborated with many local community groups and schools to increase awareness  at events such as: Light It Up Blue, Winchester Town Day, Ability Awareness Day at the Winchester Farmers Market.

All our events are free to the public, and are for all ages and all abilities. We don’t separate the population, we try to include everyone in creative activities that support and inspire the individual, as well as the group.