This October our interns Leila and Sophie filmed at the Winchester’s Ryan Connoly Field with the Winchester Soccer Club 6th grade girl soccer players and disabled actor, Peter Awerbuch, for Brio’s music video “Perfect”, the original song for Brio’s movie “The Portal“.

coach Lepore and actor Peter AwerbuchThe song is about acceptance of yourself and others. The music video has three different stories about acceptance. In this scene, it is about a young man in a wheelchair, he is watching the soccer players playing in the field, and wishing he could play soccer too. They kick the ball and it rolls near him, one of the players fetches the ball and then asks if he would like to join them. It really makes his day and the players have fun too!

The soccer players in this scene of the music video are Izzy Arangio, Mia Dupee, Danica Gugliotta, Kiera Hammond, Erica Lepore, Sarah Preston, Maddie Shonkoff, Mila Suarez, Maddie Syed, Leila Tifrhalt, Joy Wang, Sierra Williams. They were great to work with and natural actors, and we appreciated their participation. Coach Beth Lepore generously organized the team to be part of the video and we thank her for her participation.

The music video “Perfect” is a final project for the Winchester High School interns Leila Ladd and Sophie Farnhill. They have learn much about filmmaking from scriptwriting, storyboarding, filming, directing and editing. They have also worked on other projects such as the Halloween shorts and promos for Brio and are an important part of our video team.