It’s been a long time since we started the audio drama SAVE ERCE (2019). Did you know we have over 41 cast members who joined us in this audio play? Season One is coming to the end with our last episode.
It has been a very rewarding experience to meet and work with others in the community.

Koshari Mama, a vegan Egyptian Street Food restaurant in Somerville, owned by our founder Sahar Ahmed and her daughter Dina, offered to host our SAVE ERCE Cast Party. Since we started the project and recorded through Covid, we had to record each actor separately for safety reason. So it was fun for all the actors to finally meet at the party! Some wore the costume of their character and some not – and as Halloween music played, we had a festive time and enjoyed the delicious food catered by Koshari Mama.

Take a look our Gallery of some of the actors and their guests and be sure to tell friends and family of our podcast series and listen to SAVE ERCE (14 episodes of comedy, magic, and danger in the little town of Wincharm.)