At Mass Creator Awards from MassAccess, two interns from Brio won the award for Best Music Video! Leila Ladd and Sophie Farnhill, who are Winchester High School students, created the video “Perfect” during their internship at Brio. The original song “Perfect” is sung by Leila Ladd is from Brio’s movie ‘The Portal” with Burlington High School LABBB Cooperative.

They started with researching what makes a great film, general film shots, transitions and cuts, and how to tell a story with the guidance and expertise of Margo Attaya. They learned basic editing with Suzette at WinCAM and filmed in the green screen studio at WinCAM. Together they focused on the subject of ‘trying to be perfect’ through three people’s stories and creating storyboards. Then they filmed, mostly on smart phones, all around Winchester.  For more about their story go to their webpage they designed in WordPress.

MassAccess Creator Award Winners