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Whitman Mamayek’s New Short: “My Hats”

At Brio, Witty is probably our best dressed intern and always wears a new hat every other week. He doesn’t talk, but he has played Ovoo the alien and a......

Patrick Levasseur’s New Short: “The Patrick Trap”.

What do you like about the movie  “The Parent Trap”?It was about family and liked the whole idea that they didn’t know they had a twin.The story is that they......

Jake Crafts New Short Film: “The Traveling Man”

Brio intern, Jake Crafts, presents his new short “The Traveling Man”, it’s about his trips around the world with his family. We asked him a few questions about the film:......

Peter Awerbuch’s Short: Hey Siri!

For the One Minute or So Film Festival, Brio intern Peter Awerbuch short is about his favorite companion (besides his Dad) : his iPhone. Peter’s fictional sci-fi film, is about......

SAVE ERCE Outreach to Metro Boston area

Save Erce is a fantastical podcast drama series about a dragon on a mission to save Erce (the earth) and a community in a small New England town of Wincharm with a secret of its own. It’s Halloween and the town has more to worry about than a few smashed pumpkins! This is a Brio Integrated Theatre For All production.

In 2022, we began our casting call in the Boston Metro Area – of all ages and abilities to audition for upcoming podcast series.  We did in-house recording at Winchester’s WinCAM according to Covid safety protocol. We had 43+ actors participating! We even created the characters who were inspired by those who auditioned. This video is our Casting Call we sent out.

Featured Brio Videos

Featuring a sampling of film projects created by interns and the team at Brio Integrated Theatre through the years.
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