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October 19th

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ASL Classes Start October 1st

It’s not too late to sign up for our 10 week ASL (American Sign Language) courses! Both Beginner and Intermediate will be taught by Ali Schmalenberger, who is a state-certified...

Brio Begins To Do Workshops at Lowell

This spring we started to expand our services into the greater Lowell. Sutra Studios offered their space, at Mill Number 5 in Lowell, to present our first Guest Artist workshop...

Intermediate and Beginner ASL Class Are Back at Brio

Have you ever wanted to learn a new language? American Sign Language is a beautiful and expressive way to communicate.  This May through July, we will have both Beginner and...

Expanding Our Program To The Lowell Area

June 8th, Brio Integrated Theatre will have their first Guest Artist workshop at Sutra Studios of Lowell at Mill Number 5. The workshop will feature West African Dance and Drumming...

Brio Offers Opportunity to Interns of All Abilities, Free Community Workshops, ASL Classes & Creative Projects that educate and empower

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Intern Spotlight Video: Perfect music video

This video was intern Sophie Farnhill and Leila Ladd’s final project. What is being perfect? What is beauty? The stress of getting that ‘A’ in class. The wish to be like others whatever your ability.

In this Brio intern project, they learn how about storytelling, storyboarding, scriptwriting, directing, filming, editing and color-grading. Using mostly iPhones, they filmed around their hometown. They wanted to create an inclusive video with people of all abilities that talks about the subject about wanting to be perfect.

Perfect is an original song for the fantasy movie ‘The Portal’, a collaboration with the Burlington LABBB high school students. Song is written by Sahar Ahmed and sung by Leila Ladd.

More videos on our youtube channel