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Halloween Cast Party for SAVE ERCE at Koshari Mama

It’s been a long time since we started the audio drama SAVE ERCE (2019). Did you know we have over 41 cast members who joined us in this audio play?......

Brio Interns film at the Wright-Locke Farm

To get ready for our upcoming projects : the One Minute Film/Video and helping with the WIN Fast Forest film about Winchester’s first Miyawaki forest, the interns from Nupath had......

Koshari Mama’s Benefit for Brio on May 21st

The restaurant Koshari Mama is having a benefit for us on Saturday May 21st evening 5-10pm. They will be serving their delicious Egyptian vegan street food with music, spirits, and......
+ 3 of our interns at the Winchester Common

The Magic & Splendor of Trees

In our SAVE ERCE podcast series, trees and nature are an important part of our story. The Brio interns, who come on Tuesdays from Nupath, have been learning about trees......

SAVE ERCE Outreach to Metro Boston area

Save Erce is a fantastical podcast drama series about a dragon on a mission to save Erce (the earth) and a community in a small New England town of Wincharm with a secret of its own. It’s Halloween and the town has more to worry about than a few smashed pumpkins! This is a Brio Integrated Theatre For All production.

In 2022, we began our casting call in the Boston Metro Area – of all ages and abilities to audition for upcoming podcast series.  We did in-house recording at Winchester’s WinCAM according to Covid safety protocol. We had 43+ actors participating! We even created the characters who were inspired by those who auditioned. This video is our Casting Call we sent out.

Featured Brio Videos

Featuring a sampling of film projects created by interns and the team at Brio Integrated Theatre through the years.
Check out more of our videos at our YouTube Channel