Arts For All

All Abilities & All Ages
Visual, Theatre, Dance
Workshops & Programs

Arts For All

All Abilities & All Ages
Visual, Theatre, Dance
Workshops & Programs

Brio Offers Opportunity to Interns of All Abilities, Free Community Workshops, ASL Classes & Creative Projects that educate and empower

Help Us Continue Our Mission

+ Winchester En Ka Society member with Brio Interns

Thank you En Ka Society!

Thank you to the Winchester En Ka Society for supporting Brio Integrated Theatre and for believing in our mission of providing accessible arts programs and internships to people of all......
+ Pumpkins

The Pumpkin Patch canceled due to Covid-19 this year.

It wasn’t that long ago, when our interns did a film about the Pumpkin Patch at the Second Congregational Church – a true highlight of partnerships, volunteers and organizations, and......
+ autism awareness month POV

April is autism awareness month

Every year, we take this opportunity to highlight artists on the spectrum and provide lectures and events that bring an awareness to our communities about the diverse perspectives and abilities......
+ Award Winners

Brio Interns win Award for Best Music Video

At Mass Creator Awards from MassAccess, two interns from Brio won the award for Best Music Video! Leila Ladd and Sophie Farnhill, who are Winchester High School students, created the......

Featured Brio Videos

Created by interns at Brio Integrated Theatre, check out our YouTube Channel

En Ka Fair – A Winchester Tradition

This video is about the history of the En Ka Fair featuring  Mabs Harris and her daughter, Kate Carpini, remembering the fairs past, and Carrie Sue Baker and Ann Hibbard telling us what goes into making the present day fair happen. Brio interns Sebastion Chroscinski and Will Macannuco helped with the making of this video.
The En Ka Society is a volunteer organization comprised of more than 200 women in Winchester. En Ka annually provides thousands of “woman hours” to Winchester non-profit organizations. Each En Ka member supports the efforts of the En Ka Exchange, a clothing consignment store located at 1037 Main Street in Winchester, and the En Ka Fair.